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Mosquito Treatments You Might Want To Consider

There are going to be a lot of different ways to get rid of mosquitoes.  For most people, professional mosquito control services in Brunswick County is their best bet, but for others, looking for new and unconventional ways is their jam.  Here are a few ideas you might want to consider.


This was something I never consider but could be a good idea for many reasons.  What you can do is have a fishpond in your yard.  This fishpond can be filled with Goldfish, koi, minnows and guppies.  These fish will eat the mosquito eggs that are laid helping to keep the mosquito population down.  Another benefit for having these fish is to relax and reduce stress.

mosquito control services in Brunswick County

Don’t wear cosmetic products

We all want to look and smell nice.  So we will go out and by perfume and cologne that will make us smell nice.  However, these scents are a lot attractive to mosquitoes.  If you are going to be outside and in the area where mosquitoes live, you will want to consider not wearing these products.  If you are going to wear them, stay inside or away from mosquito hunting grounds.

Reduce shade

You want to reduce the shade that we have in our yards.  Shade is where mosquitoes like to hide and lay in wait.  If we remove these areas, then the odds are encountering them is reduced.

Run fans

If you are having a party or if you are outside at night, you will want to consider running fans at ground level.  These fans will create an air current that mosquitoes don’t like.  Also, you can light torches and candles that will create a barrier above you as well.  With this shield around you, mosquitoes will leave you alone and away from your guests.